Making Our Building Covid- 19 Safe

From Monday 19 July, we made new arrangements to endeavour to keep our building safe, in keeping with Government guidelines.


Viruses thrive in enclosed areas so we will open windows and doors wherever possible. The window in reception will be open during building opening hours. A ceiling fan and an air filter operate in reception.

Access To The Building

We are returning to having the front door unlocked between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

Face Covering

People are no longer required to wear a face covering in public areas in most circumstances, but we continue to encourage the practice. Face coverings are required whenever someone is in prolonged close contact with a person they don’t know or when standing in one place. This applies at all times in reception where people may remain for some time and may be vulnerable. Signs reinforce this requirement.

Social Distance

Although social distancing is no longer a legal requirement, there are signs in the lobby reminding people of its importance whenever possible.

To avoid people waiting in the lobby and reception, we are asking our clients to collect visitors at the front door and take them directly to the office whenever possible.

We are still receiving visitors on behalf of clients and allowing them to wait in reception but only under exceptional circumstances and by prior arrangement. People are asked to remain outside the building until the time of their appointment.

In reception, the number of chairs has been reduced and screens have been erected in front of the reception desks. Measures have been taken to avoid physical contact between visitors and staff.

The two kitchen areas are restricted to one person at a time. The two toilet areas are restricted to two people at a time, again with signs reminding people to practise social distancing.

Hand washing and sanitising

There are hand washing facilities in all the toilets and kitchens. We have placed hand sanitisers at strategic points throughout the building. These include a wall-mounted hand sanitiser which people can use when they enter the building. There are signs throughout the building emphasising the importance of hand washing and sanitising.

Disinfecting the building

Our cleaners disinfect all common areas each evening as part of their cleaning routine. Hampshire Workspace staff are disinfecting all hand rails, door furniture and shared equipment such as printers regularly.

We are asking people to wipe down with disinfectant or gel any shared equipment or surfaces that they touch.

Other measures

To minimise the use of the kitchen areas, we are asking that people using the building do not leave crockery and food in the kitchen with the exception of items that need to be refrigerated.

The Government is encouraging people to cycle to work. We already provide cycle racks at the back of the building. If there is an increased demand for spaces, we will endeavour to provide a further rack.

In the event of a case of coronavirus infection of anyone who has been in the building, the building will be deep cleaned and all clients informed. All staff known to have had contact with the infected person will be expected self isolate until tests have been carried out.

For further information on making your office and working practices as safe as possible, please read the Government guidance at