Happy Old Year

23 December 2016
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What will happen in 2017 seems very much determined by the momentous events of 2016.

Most business people seemed to be in favour of staying in the European Union and would have preferred Clinton as US president. This is not surprising. Businesses like certainty so the status quo will always be attractive to them, particularly when ‘business as usual’ meant trouble-free access to a huge trading bloc on our doorstep and an American government favouring free trade.

As we enter the new year, we don’t know how Brexit will work and what Trump will really do. Nevertheless there seems to be considerable optimism. Sadly we will be losing one client who sees their post-Brexit future as being outside Britain but on the other hand all our clients’ businesses appear to be buoyant. And we have never been busier with enquiries from people starting or expanding their businesses. We go into 2017 with just one vacant office.

What’s also encouraging is that at least half of the companies that moved in this year are run by women. Perhaps the gender equality that many have hoped and worked for over so many years is finally arriving.

In the last year, Hampshire Workspace has become increasingly attractive to health practitioners. Our private GP The Walcote Practice has gone from strength to strength and NLP Changeworks continues to help people change and develop. They have been joined in the building by an occupational health manager and a sports therapist. A laser skin clinic is opening in January.

On top of all the other good news, in December Winchester was named the best place in Britain to live. To which, we would add- and the best place to work.

Wishing you a happy and successful new year.

Our reception will be closed until 3 January but our building will be open 24/7 including Christmas Day.

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