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7 June 2017
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inc. is one of our favourite business websites. It’s full of anecdotes and advice for entrepreneurs. Take this recent post written by Matt Given, the CEO of Intelvideo, a Video On Demand platform which specialises in helping fitness brands create video subscription channels.  The article is entitled The 1 Trait Shared by the Greatest CEOs (That You Won’t Find in Business Books).

Here’s an extract:

‘As CEO, I own everything in my company. I own every failure. Every misstep. Every delay and every shortcoming. I own each and every client that isn’t spinning with glee about our platform or service. I don’t know how to write a single line of code, but I still own the effectiveness of each and every line. If any employee isn’t carrying his or her weight, it’s on me. If someone doesn’t understand his or her role, it’s my responsibility. If someone feels undervalued, I’ve failed them.’

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