In Praise Of Seth Godin

26 January 2017
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Seth Godin

Seth Godin

We at Hampshire Workspace are big fans of Seth Godin, the entrepreneur and marketing guru. He combines common sense, humanity and a huge knowledge of the way business works in the digital world. As well as being the author of a number of inspirational books, he writes a daily blog which is full of helpful advice. We could quote him most days but that would get boring and, in any case, you’re better simply subscribing to his emails.

Here’s a flavour of why we love him, from yesterday’s blog:

“…if you offer to sell someone something, you’ll hear very clearly what’s wrong with it, whether it’s worth it, and how it can be improved. The transaction engages both sides in a discussion, and sometimes, the market causes the supplier to listen. Co-creation over time transforms problems into opportunities.

“In fact, this is the single best explanation for why markets work. Voluntary engagement and the exchange of resources can solve many problems, particularly if coercion is avoided.”

He goes on to talk about how companies gradually fail when they become too big or distracted to listen and how, if we listen, it will help our business to succeed. As always, a good read and food for thought.

Here’s a link to Seth Godin’s blog

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