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17 January 2014
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This month we welcome our newest clients Built With Logic who are cloud and mobile application specialists. They have moved into one of our furnished serviced offices in Southgate Chambers with a beautiful view of St Thomas Church, thus combining the most modern of businesses with a historic location.
Now in their second year of formal operations, Built With Logic build applications for businesses who provide, or would like to provide, electronic services to their customers such as websites, mobile applications or other cloud based services. They have worked with companies such as O2, Telefonica Digital and Springer Publishing on a range of products and services in the past. You can see some of their work at,,
Their technical skills include iOS Development (Apple iPad, iPhone & iPod touch) applications,  Android Development (tablets & Phones) along with cloud based applications (Websites, APIs, Web services). Starting the new year in a new office, Built With Logic are ready to take on new challenges.


One response on “Meet Built With Logic Ltd

  1. Denny Pickering says:

    Welcome Simon, great to have you here at Southgate Chambers, wishing you great success for the future.

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