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13 November 2013
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A Pop Up Is Not Just For Christmas

Last March, I closed my shop in The Brooks Centre Winchester. This November I’ve opened my shop in The Brooks. We’re not the only ones who are moving in. Popup shops are popping up all over The Brooks. In the space of a few weeks, the top floor has gone from being half empty to […]

3 November 2013
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The Seven Steps To A Successful Business Plan

The only blogger I follow daily is Seth Godin, guru of entrepreneurs and users of new media. In one of his blogs he spoke of the ‘Acute Heptagram of Impact’. There are, says Seth, seven elements that lead to success or failure: Strategy, Tactics, Execution, Reputation, Persistence, Desire and Fear. The importance of Strategy and […]

27 October 2013
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What Did You Do With Your Extra Hour?

What did you do when the clocks went back? Did you simply have an extra hour in bed? What about using that extra hour to boost your business? One of the great copywriters Gary Bencivenga used to get up an hour earlier than he needed to, in terms of ablutions, breakfast and so on. In […]

18 October 2013
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Customisation Is The Future Of Business

‘You can have any colour as long as it’s black,’ said Henry Ford following his invention of the mass production factory line. These days he would say, ‘You can have whatever colour you want plus an infinite combination of fixtures and fittings.’ The massive change brought about by the digital age has affected all businesses, […]

14 October 2013
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6 Key Rules For Greater Creativity

When Mason Currey studied the routines of some of the most creative people in history, he discovered six key rules: Be a morning person (early to rise but not early to bed- let tiredness be your guide); Don’t give up the day job (the money and the discipline are both useful); Take lots of walks […]

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