Hampshire Workspace helps a growing business in Winchester

4 April 2019
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Photo of George Reed of Thorold Dewling and Oberon, based at Hampshire Workspace in Winchester

George Reed

He’s gonna need a bigger office!

HWS based recruitment company expands

News in this week’s Hampshire Chronicle of another successful small business based at Hampshire Workspace in Winchester. George Reed has been in our Southgate Street building for six years. He provides a good example how our serviced offices help small businesses to establish themselves and grow.

Initially his business Thorold Dewling was a recruitment agency for the oil and gas sector. You can see our early profile of him here. Now he has built on his experience in recruitment to form an off shoot providing extra human resource services including managing pensions and benefits, developing training programs and overseeing compliance.

His new company Oberon, with funding from Lloyd’s Bank, is targeting these services at all SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises). Having expanded from a one man business to running a team of six, he is planning to take on up to 90 employees.

George is quoted in the Chronicle as saying, “The SME market is the mainstay of the UK economy – and the services we provide allow businesses to dedicate their time and resources to invest in their key, revenue-generating activities.”

Having moved smoothly from a small room to a large office within our building, it seems it won’t be long before he is looking to leave our nest altogether for larger premises. We are pleased to have played our part in helping incubate his business and wish him every success in the future.

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