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25 June 2013
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The future is mobile. A Business Insider Intelligence Report tells us that the mobile phone now accounts for 12% of all the time Americans spend consuming media. TV still dominates at 42%, radio 14% with non-phone online consumption at 26%.

Unlike our desktop usage, we (or rather Americans) don’t go to websites via browsers when we’re on our mobiles. Apps are the big winner. Smartphone users spend 127 minutes a day using apps! Which apps? Gaming and social networks. 70% of Apple’s top grossing apps are to do with Gaming; 39% of mobile users access social networks. So, apart from making sure you have a strong mobile presence, what are the opportunities for entrepreneurs? Clearly, design a successful app.

The Report says that the most successful apps piggyback existing usage. For example, Instagram became the main app for photos and Angry Birds capitalised on a love of gaming. No app has yet become the dominant app for news, weather, travel or videos.

Nor, despite much trying, has anyone come up with an aggregating Portal to match the popularity of the ones on desktops, like MyYahoo where you can access all your news, mail, search, horoscopes, trending videos etc in one handy place.

Maybe you won’t design the killer app that will make your fortune but it does make sense to see whether you could carry out your business, or a version of it, through an app.

So there’s your challenge. Read more about this at http://read.bi/17zJQ7c

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One response on “Have You Got An App For It?

  1. Julia says:

    This reminds me of Henry Ford’s comment that if he’d asked his customers what they wanted they’d have said faster horses. The key is to check out what customers are using then give them something that makes it better in a way they didn’t anticipate.

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