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4 July 2019
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How do you choose the best office space suitable for you? An article on the BusinessAdvice website caught our eye.

How to find the best business premises for your startup starts by reiterating the importance of location. Listing a number of factors, it starts by saying: ‘Good connections and easy commuting options will help ensure skilled staff are attracted.’

Flexibility is cited as important: ‘Many business owners find it difficult to predict what type of space they will need in six months’ time, making traditional leases, which require a business to commit to three, five or even ten years, unattractive. To avoid this issue, flexible workspace providers can offer business premises with the option of paying a monthly fee inclusive of running costs, which can include heating, lighting and additional services, such as a staffed reception and WiFi.’

BusinessAdvice compares the options of serviced offices and traditional office space: ‘Serviced offices are rented out with a simple and generally more flexible licencing agreement, while businesses taking traditional office space will be required to sign a lease. Leases can be complicated and should set out in detail tenant and landlord obligations. First, will be a commitment to lease length, which is typically three or more years… In short, before signing any lease it’s best to get legal advice from a specialist lawyer or surveyor acting on your behalf.’

Click below to read the full article.

How to find the best business premises for your startup

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