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20 September 2015
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Unlimited Success

I’ve just read a fascinating book on how to achieve success in life and business, thanks to my mother-in-law. She gave me a National Trust membership, so I’ve been visiting a lot of historic houses lately. Lots of them have secondhand bookshops and I often find a bargain. One I picked up was ‘Napoleon Hill’s Unlimited […]

11 September 2015
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Should You Comment On Your Colleague’s Appearance

So, is it sexist to describe someone’s photo on a business website as ‘stunning’? That was what barrister Charlotte Proudman thought when solicitor Alexander Carter-Silk made the comment to her on LinkedIn. Before addressing that question, I should straightaway say that whatever one’s opinion, it’s wrong to send her abusive and offensive tweets or, as […]

6 August 2015
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The Battle Of The Sexes Moves To Air Con

There’s a cold war between the sexes at work, writes Paul Lewis, and it’s leaving women shivering. The news that the world standard for the office temperature to be achieved by air conditioning is set to suit men rather than women was surprising in some ways and predictable in others. What was no surprise was […]

13 July 2015
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5 Things They Don’t Tell you About Becoming an Entrepreneur

Our guest blogger this week is Jeremy Choi, CEO of WPUP Inc. who describes himself as an entrepreneur (“trep”), philanthropist, mentor, father, and an irredeemable golf addict. Being an entrepreneur isn’t an easy ride and whatever people have told you about starting your own business – they’re sure to have missed something out. If you […]

7 July 2015
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Why Our New Broadband Is So Great For Business

Our new Virgin Broadband leased line offers our clients a very reliable, exclusive broadband supply. Unlike standard broadband, where download is much better than upload, our upload and download speeds are symmetrical so both have speeds (or ‘bandwidth’) of approximately 80 to 90Mbs. Ideal for designers and others who need to send out complex files. […]

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