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10 March 2015
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Meet Butler Ross

Meet Butler Ross: Recruitment Specialists One of the joys of being involved with Hampshire Workspace is seeing ambitious hardworking people build a successful business. That’s what’s happening at Butler Ross. In the year since they moved into our Southgate Chambers building, the recruitment firm owned by Russell Soan and Jonathan Ross has expanded from two […]

9 March 2015
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Content Marketing Tips By Kevin Spacey

Content Marketing Tips by Kevin Spacey Somewhat belatedly we’ve discovered on YouTube these brilliant tips on content marketing by Kevin Spacey . Kevin Spacey the actor? Yes, and he really knows his stuff. We shouldn’t be so surprised. Besides being an actor, he’s run The Old Vic and turned it into one of the most […]

18 February 2015
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What will happen to your business affairs if something happens to you?

Guest blog by QualitySolicitors Knight Polson The appointment of attorneys in relation to financial affairs is equally relevant to business assets as personal ones. If you’re a company director, partner or sole trader, it’s in your best interests to ensure that you’re protected, if for whatever reason you can’t make decisions. If this happens, you […]

3 February 2015
Small Business
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Accommodation Address Vs PO Box

Given that it would cost less to have a Royal Mail PO Box, you might wonder why companies and private individuals prefer an Accommodation Address (also known as a Virtual Office) at Hampshire Workspace to a PO Box. The most obvious reason is that our Accommodation Address sounds like a proper address. Which will your […]

22 January 2015
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Business Is About Delayed Gratification

You’re probably familiar with the Stanford Marshmallow experiment but, just to remind you, 40 years ago researchers offered little children marshmallows but they got more if they were willing to wait twenty minutes. The men in white coats were studying the differences between the children who needed instant gratification and those able to delay their […]

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