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4 December 2014
Small Business
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The Autumn Statement and Small Businesses

The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement brought some crumbs of encouragement for small businesses such as those occupying offices at Hampshire Workspace. We all know how difficult it has been for small businesses to get loans and investment in the last few years, so the Chancellor is tackling the problem on a number of fronts. There’s another £400m […]

19 November 2014
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Meet Steve Wichett – Changing Lives And Businesses

Sitting in Steve Wichett’s office at Hampshire Workspace, with its comfy leather armchairs and view of Winchester Cathedral, seeing his twinkling smile, listening to his mellifluous voice, you feel relaxed. Steve is a leading management consultant and psychotherapist, and getting people to feel at ease is where his work begins. “I think of myself as helping […]

29 October 2014
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The 3 Steps To Successful Marketing

Someone said to me last week, ‘Sum up the basics of marketing in less than thirty words.’ Well, I always say if you can’t explain something simply, you probably don’t understand it, so I had a go: Find out who you are selling to, work out how to target them cost effectively, then tell them […]

8 October 2014
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Unlimited Holidays Are Working for Branson

Richard Branson’s new book The Virgin Way reveals that his head office staff are allowed to take as much holiday as they like as often as they choose. This is quite a change from when I worked for him. Many years ago, when I was working as what we would now call an intern in […]

22 September 2014
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It’s A Moving Business

One of the lovely aspects of working at Hampshire Workspace is seeing businesses grow, even if that sometimes means they become so large they move to a bigger space. Of course sometimes people move out because things haven’t worked out as well as they hoped. Then, at least, with an office at Hampshire Workspace, they don’t […]

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