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22 September 2014
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It’s A Moving Business

One of the lovely aspects of working at Hampshire Workspace is seeing businesses grow, even if that sometimes means they become so large they move to a bigger space. Of course sometimes people move out because things haven’t worked out as well as they hoped. Then, at least, with an office at Hampshire Workspace, they don’t […]

1 September 2014
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Happy 30th Birthday to Hampshire Workspace

Wave 105 are just one of hundreds of companies who started at Hampshire Workspace in the thirty years since Sylvia and George Dibben founded the serviced offices business at Southgate Chambers. Here George talks about the history of Winchester’s oldest serviced office business How did you come to start Hampshire Workspace? Thirty years ago, I […]

21 August 2014
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The 14 Processes Of Business Management

In 1966, Marvin Bower in his book The Will To Manage said that business management was made up of 14 processes. It’s hard to think of any improvement on this list of the things you need to do to facilitate your people doing their tasks Setting objectives Planning strategy Establishing goals Developing a company philosophy […]

13 August 2014
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You’re Never Too Old For Business

It may be the creaky knees or the stronger prescription in the glasses or the moment when you see more white hairs than dark but we all come eventually to an awareness that we are not as young as we used to be. For many of us, it’s the receipt of the bus pass that […]

7 August 2014
Small Business
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New Virtual Office Package

We’ve improved our offer to Virtual Office clients. If you run a one or two person enterprise, having a virtual office is a way of showing you mean business even if you work from home or spend your time on the road. A virtual office wth Hampshire Workspace means that start ups and small businesses […]

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