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31 August 2013
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Build Your Team, Build Your Business

80% of employees are unhappy with their jobs, according to a survey by the US company Bolt Insurers. You can be sure the figure won’t be much different over here. And when they get very unhappy, they quit- 37% every year from food services and accommodation, 35% from leisure and hospitality, 26% from retail. The […]

18 July 2013
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The Apprentice Is A Winner For Hampshire Workspace Client

The Medical Aesthetic Clinic here at Southgate Chambers Winchester has seen a noticeable increase in enquiries since Leah Totton won The Apprentice. Dr Leah’s winning business plan involves launching a chain of medical beauty clinics, which is something Cathy Wallwork has already done with her three established clinics in London, Andover and here at Southgate […]

25 June 2013
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Have You Got An App For It?

The future is mobile. A Business Insider Intelligence Report tells us that the mobile phone now accounts for 12% of all the time Americans spend consuming media. TV still dominates at 42%, radio 14% with non-phone online consumption at 26%. Unlike our desktop usage, we (or rather Americans) don’t go to websites via browsers when […]

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