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7 March 2017
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Print versus Digital- It’s An Emotional Choice

If you’d asked us ten years ago, we marketing folk would probably have said that our brochures and postal mailshots were on their way out. More and more people were getting digitally connected, websites were well established and getting faster, emails were all but ubiquitous. We couldn’t be blamed for thinking our print would be […]

22 February 2017
Small Business
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Forget Business Rates

With all the bad publicity about business rates, it wouldn’t be surprising if rising entrepreneurs were put off renting an office. Which is unfortunate because most of our clients don’t pay business rates. The reason is, Small Business Rates Relief. Introduced in the far off days of the last Labour government as a temporary response […]

26 January 2017
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In Praise Of Seth Godin

We at Hampshire Workspace are big fans of Seth Godin, the entrepreneur and marketing guru. He combines common sense, humanity and a huge knowledge of the way business works in the digital world. As well as being the author of a number of inspirational books, he writes a daily blog which is full of helpful […]

4 January 2017
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Meet Jonathan Wolf-Phillips of New Leadership

Leading The Leaders “I define leadership as clarifying direction, aligning resources and organising implementation.” “I teach leadership,” states Jonathan Wolf-Phillips. His company New Leadership Ltd is one the most recent clients to take an office at Hampshire Workspace. “I define leadership as clarifying direction, aligning resources and organising implementation.” We’re all familiar with traditional organisations […]

23 December 2016
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Happy Old Year

What will happen in 2017 seems very much determined by the momentous events of 2016. Most business people seemed to be in favour of staying in the European Union and would have preferred Clinton as US president. This is not surprising. Businesses like certainty so the status quo will always be attractive to them, particularly when ‘business […]

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