Being self employed Is good for you says survey

22 August 2017
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Photo of office at Hampshire Workspace Winchester

Hampshire Workspace in Winchester

A survey of self employed people by the accounting provider Intuit Quickbooks named Southampton as the best place to be self employed.  Winchester isn’t big enough to figure in the survey but we’re confident the results for our city would be even better! Being in the South may have something to do with it- Brighton and London also figured in the top five.

It was interesting to learn that the mean average annual income among the self employed in Southampton is £39,024. Not huge, you might think, until you take into account that the average weekly hours worked are 26. Clearly there are either a lot of people with an excellent work/life balance or, more likely, many people mix self employment with paid employment.

Here are the killer statistics for Southampton that explain why being self employed is such a good idea. (And they’re very similar for self employed people in all the top cities.) 83% of respondents report that their life satisfaction is the same or better than being a salaried worker and 71% say their financial status is the same or better than being a salaried worker.

Yes, there are risks and stresses involved in being self employed but, as you can see, the Quickbooks survey suggests there are rewards both financial and mental.  If you want to take a tentative step towards having a more satisfying life, Hampshire Workspace provides self employed people with readymade offices in central Winchester and all the services you need, with no long term commitment.

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