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7 July 2015
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Our new Virgin Broadband leased line offers our clients a very reliable, exclusive broadband supply.

Unlike standard broadband, where download is much better than upload, our upload and download speeds are symmetrical so both have speeds (or ‘bandwidth’) of approximately 80 to 90Mbs. Ideal for designers and others who need to send out complex files. Great for anybody who wants to get on with business online.

Think of the whole thing as driving a lorry. A bandwidth of over 30Mbs is important when you want to move big files quickly. It’s like taking a wide load on a motorway as opposed to a country lane. The added advantage of a leased line is that you are not sharing your bandwidth with the neighbours, only the other people in the building. This is the equivalent of a lot less vehicles on the road, slowing you down, even at rush hour.

But what is even more important in some ways is the time it takes for computers communicate across the web (which is known as ‘latency’). Think of this as the speed limit. In other words, no matter how fast you could travel down that straight wide road, you’re still slowed down by a 30mph zone. Ping tests show a latency of 10 milliseconds or less on our new broadband service, compared with 30ms on our previous standard business broadband.

Our new broadband service is like a German autobahn in the middle of the night.


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