Making Our Building Covid- 19 Safe

This is what we are doing to reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection within our building.

Maintaining a clean workspace

Keeping workplaces clean reduces the risk of infection and sickness. It’s especially important to clean surfaces that people touch a lot.

Our cleaners disinfect all common areas each evening as part of their cleaning routine. Hampshire Workspace staff disinfect hand rails, door furniture and shared equipment during the day.

Letting fresh air in

Bringing in fresh air to occupied spaces can help to reduce the concentration of respiratory particles, lowering the risk of airborne transmission of respiratory viruses. Windows and doors are opened whenever possible.

Hand washing and sanitising

There are hand washing facilities in the toilets and kitchens. We have placed hand sanitisers at strategic points throughout the building.

There are signs throughout the building emphasising the importance of hand washing and sanitising

Other measures

All members of the Hampshire Workspace team are fully vaccinated and tested regularly. In the event of a colleague showing symptoms of Covid -19, they are asked to stay away from the workplace until they receive a negative test result.

To prevent unnecessary close contact in public areas, the number of people allowed in the two kitchens and two toilet areas is restricted.

If you have any questions or suggestions about safety within Hampshire Workspace, please contact Julia Lewis.

For further information on making your office and working practices as safe as possible, please read the Government guidance at

October 2023